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Jan 2017- The State Auditor’s office stopped the Parks & Rec December budget approval after we noticed the budget hearing process did not follow state law. Here’s their letter to Parks & Rec SSD: 2017- Parks & Rec AUDITOR budget notice. The Parks & Rec Dept had no budget for a few weeks, and had to re- schedule a budget hearing correctly. In the meantime, the Parks & Rec Director had to get approval for each expenditure from the State Auditors Office, and only necessary transactions were approved. 

12-7-16 – PARKS AND RECREATION 2017 BUDGET HEARING –  We looked everywhere (County, Parks & Rec, and the Public Meeting Notice websites) and could not find a copy of the budget for you to review prior to this budget hearing. Here are the 2 videos of the discussion: Wasatch Taxpayers YouTube page   ***Then after the hearing this budget shows up: 2017- Parks & Rec budget  (notice Dec 21, 2016 date- 2 weeks past original Dec 7th hearing)


Preliminary 2014 budget- Parks and Rec 2014 budget

All info on Parks and Rec budget from Jan 2012- Nov 2013.      Parks & rec 2012 – Nov2013 detail  Chart of Accounts- Parks & Rec    Somewhere in there is Events Center info- The Parks and Rec dept doesn’t have an annual profit and loss statement for the Events Center…..?


Wasatch County Parks & Rec 2010-2011 Budget

Parks & Rec 2011 Budget encapsulated. 





Rec Center fees




New Horizons




Deer Creek Trail



Swimming Pool







Special Events







Ski Bus































Parks & Rec


to Event Center







Net “profit”


(or excess taxes)
P&R Debt service






Rec Center expenses above do not include the cost of acquiring the building, or an amortization of that cost.

—  According to the County 2011 budget,
P & R accounted for the following:
Rec Center Bond    $790K payment
P & R Debt            $185K payment
P & R SSD budget     $1.1M
Rec Center Budget    $200K

The event Center is in a separate fund under “Jon Provost” and shows:
Event Center    $496K
Bond for Event Center & Fire Station    $470K payment


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