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 swimming pool DID YOU KNOW……  That Wasatch County is trying to get the pool on the ballot for this November? Are taxpayers going to be drowning in debt, or are they going to be able to keep their heads above water? We have the fiscal pool analysis that the county handed out! Click on the pool picture to stay up to date on the developments of this story!

school money  DID YOU KNOW……    That the Wasatch Taxpayers Association has a 2012 white paper analyzing the cash reserves of the Wasatch School District which may be against the law, and shows that the Wasatch taxpayers have been overtaxed for years?  See for yourself, click on school!   

 lightbulbDID YOU KNOW…… That the State Auditor’s office sent a letter to Heber Light & Power, in December 2012, stating that the process the HL&P board used for their retroactive health benefit payments is questionable, and the action should be voided? Read the letter here, Click on light!  


fire dept  

  DID YOU KNOW……  That the Jordanelle Homeowners have protested the last effort of the County Council Fire District to assess an additional tax? See an eye opening  power point presentation that analyzed the raw data GRAMA requested from the fire district. Check it out, click on fire truck!


Stay tuned for updates on these, and other, evolving issues in the months to come…

THERE ARE MANY MORE PAGES TO EXPLORE … hover over “gov’t entities” to see the other pages of info. Enjoy!

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