Inquiring Minds Want To Know….

Jordanelle- MIDADID YOU KNOW……that the Wasatch County Council just held an open house for the MIDA and Jordanelle landowners to clear the air on some rumors that have been circulating on the county’s new focus on development there? How does $16.3 Billion sound to you? Got your attention now? Watch our short videos of the meeting yourself!  Click on this picture to get more info!

Demo-high schoolDID YOU KNOW……that the Wasatch School District has every intention of demolishing the OLD high school on Main Street? They had a public hearing recently to give the public information on why they think it’s such a great idea, only there was not much fiscal information given. Watch our short videos on this meeting you missed….see if you glean much insight. Click on picture here, then scroll down page to see report.

lawsuit weightDID YOU KNOW.….. that the Wasatch County Council just released their assessment area protest tally that analyses the Jordanelle homeowner’s protest effort? Click on picture to see the latest update!

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