Inquiring Minds Want To Know……

fire dept    DID YOU KNOW……  That citizens have successfully turned in approx. 2156 signatures on the referendum petition for the county to halt the tax increase and to put it on the Nov 2014 ballot for citizens to vote on? The deadline was 45 days from Aug 21st to get the required signatures. The Wasatch Fire District voted on a 76% WASATCH FIRE tax increase for residents in their August 21st meeting. Read more about the latest Oct. 9th meeting where the fire board responded to the latest action, the 2 public hearing meetings in August, and the citizen’s reactions to the board chair’s presentation.   Check it out, click on fire truck!

lightbulbDID YOU KNOW…… THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE WEIGHS IN ON ENFORCEMENT of board pay of retroactive insurance benefit! HL&P TOLD TO GIVE MONEY BACK AT ONCE! The State Attorney General’s office has sent a letter to HL&P on their determination of the funds taken against state law and HL&P’s own bylaws, and we have the notice that was sent to concerned citizen’s of the letter.  Click on the light to go to the HL&P page!   In December 2012, The State Auditor’s office sent a letter to Heber Light & Power stating that the process the HL&P board used for their retroactive health benefit payments is questionable, and the action should be voided. Read the letters here, Click on light!  

swimming pool    DID YOU KNOW……  That Wasatch County Council failed to have enough votes to put this pool proposal  on the November 2013 ballot?!   Click on the pool picture (then scroll down page to find pool picture) to see what happened at the August 21st Council meeting!

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