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Utah State Auditor’s Office JUNE 2015 Newsletter with laws for local governments!

GO TO UTAH GRAMA REQUEST PORTAL HERE! You can now file GRAMA requests for any state government entity in one convenient place.

Power point presentation by the state of Utah – GRAMATraining   GRAMA requests are used by the public to receive PUBLIC documents from government entities. Some entities will allow you to walk in and ask (very informal). Others will not release anything WITHOUT a GRAMA request. Just know that if you do not file one, the entity has no time limit to deliver it to you. The GRAMA holds them to 10 days (if you do not ask for an expedited response of 5 days). Also, it shouldn’t cost much, if anything, if you specifically ask for an electronic copy (emailed to you).

Utah State GRAMA portal website      To APPEAL GRAMA to state- Records Committee

NEW! Utah Political Subdivisions Ethics Commission – FAQ’s Page.                                                                   A citizen can file an ethics complaint with this state committee (who actually has powers to hold public officials accountable)    UTAH STATE CODE for ethic’s committee   Report concerns to this website- UTAH Ethics Website 

UTAH OPEN MEETINGS ACT summary of compliance and penalties if violations-UTAH open mtgs act        Open Meetings and GRAMA handbook

***Here are some websites for you to use in an effort to collect information to aid in your research.

Welcome to the Utah Taxpayer Receipt– Enter your state income tax and sales tax payments to discover where and how your tax money is being spent.

Presently, the core of is a pool of databases of public-employee compensation and salaries; district court criminal charges; municipal statistics; divorce settlments; restaurant inspections; DUI charges; unclaimed property; and other information. New databases are being added regularly, the latest being DUI charges for Utah’s most populous counties, as well as reports from child-care center inspections statewide.

All individual invoices paid for each public entity:

Utah Office of Education finance:

Utah State Legislature page. Search Utah State codes, legislators, listen to audio or email alerts to track certain bills or committees:

Utah State Auditor:                                                        SAO- Local Gov’t Publications &resources

Wasatch County Public Meetings:

Utah’s public bodies are required to post notices of open meetings and other public notices on the Public Notice Website.            Email Alerts available

Wasatch County:

Heber City:

Midway City:

Wasatch School District:

Jordanelle Special Service District: