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fire dept 2-8-17 – Wasatch County Council had a work meeting discussion with the building and fire departments on fire code and their different jobs. New construction inspections were done between both departments, and the council felt the need to improve the process.                                                  *****Video Recordings go to: Wasatch Taxpayers YouTube page

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Fire District also had a discussion about their concerns about recent council decisions. A lot of the conversation was on fire sprinklers vs. upgraded building code, water pressure at fire hydrants and nearby tank pressure during a fire call.                                            ****See their discussion here:  Wasatch Taxpayers YouTube page


TRANSPARENT.UTAH.GOV WEBSITE to search for Wasatch Fire District financial information (Click on different categories to search info) All below financial info is from Transparent.Utah.gov.   4-26-16 GRAMA request-  See the majority of GRAMA questions answered here:                        GRAMA request- WCFD questions 4-2016    WC Fire District- 2016 Budget   Wasatch Co Fire 2015 budget  (includes Jordanelle Assessment Area budget) *** Wasatch Co Fire District salaries 2015 (you may have to download to your computer first to read)  Wasatch Co Fire District benefits 2015     Wasatch Co Fire District PAID LEAVE 2015        ISO report 2015-Wasatch Co. Fire (completed June 2015 and just released now)

**Jordanelle Assessment Area info gleaned from email exchange with grama officer:We billed in 2015 the amount showing on the budget and have collected all but $58.622.27 which is approximately 80% collection of $340,000.00 billed. ”   We have requested, and are still waiting for, documents that show this info.

*** ALL this financial info was filed under the Wasatch FIRE District on the Transparent.Utah.gov website.  Jordanelle Assessment Fund salaries 2015 (you may have to download to your computer first to read)  WCFD- Jordanelle salaries and benes 2015 (different than above salaries?)    Jordanelle Assess Fund expenses 2015   Jordanelle Assess Fund revenues 2015    WCFD- Jordanelle contingency fund 2015    WCFD- Jordanelle legal Ballard Spahr 2015     WCFD- Jordanelle legal Non-App 2015     

A portion of GRAMA denied-  GRAMA DENIAL- Jordanelle Assessment Area 4-2016  Asking for Assessment Area collected assessments. GRAMA officer replied, ” ​I spoke with legal as well as the Ombudsman for the State Archive Office and they advised that I can provide to you a list of customers who were billed but it is an invasion of privacy to ask how much each customer was billed and if they have paid or not.  If you would like me to send you the list of customer names I do have a customer list from our Government Accounting System that I would be more than happy to provide for you.​” Here’s the customer list: Jordanelle Assessment Area property list 2016

**Wasatch Co. Fire District portion of GRAMA: GRAMA request- WCFD questions 4-2016  We asked about merit pay (#4 on GRAMA questions document) which they said they have not implimented. It is required STATE LAW : Merit System UTAH State Code 

We asked for all grants that were applied for and received: WC Fire District- HOMELAND SECURITY GRANTS      WC Fire District- LEPC Grants        WC Fire District- WILDLAND FIRE GRANTS                      Wasatch Co. Fire District info gleaned from email exchange with grama officer: Your question about “capitalized equipment”  purchased since 2012- We made two purchases for capital projects. 1.  December 17, 2013 to LN Curtis purchasing 3 Spirian air packs in the amount of $19,566.00    2. October 15, 2012 to Wasatch Property Maintenance for the parking lot seal at the Jordanelle Fire Station for $6000.00″


Listen to a short explanation of out of control taxing districts like the Wasatch Fire District by the CATO INSTITUTE.

2014 FIRE DISTRICT budget  76.69% INCREASE passed on DECEMBER 18, 2013 2013 Fire District Proposed Tax Increase

*****Watch decision here: 2 videos-  Wasatch Taxpayers YouTube page

*****audio- WC & WCFD- Dec 18th, 2013   1:56:00 starts the Fire District continuation of public hearing. 2:27:00 is the 2014 Tax Increase VOTE by Fire Board.

REPORT ON PUBLIC HEARING —Date/Time: 12/5/2013 6:00 p.m.                                                                        Location: Wasatch County, Senior Citizen Center, 465 East 1200 South,  Heber City, Utah

2014 Fire District Proposed Tax Increase       2014 WCFD approved-preliminary budget

*****Video Recordings of public comment- go to Wasatch Taxpayers YouTube page

*****ALSO, Full budget from Jan- October 2013 to get an idea of projections for 2014 budget.   WCFD 2013 GENERAL LEDGER DETAIL -posted here 12/3/13

This report is detail through October.  November has not been updated and won’t be until bank statements etc. are in and Dec is still ongoing. The budget for 2014 was based on actual Jan through Oct and projected through Dec. revenues are down because tax money does not come from the county until it has been collected.


“Grievances cannot be redressed unless they are known; and they cannot be known but through complaints and petitions. If these are deemed affronts, and the messengers punished as offenders, who will henceforth send petitions? And who will deliver them?” -BENJAMIN FRANKLIN  

There was a development since the successful delivery of the referendum petition on Oct. 3, 2013. Since the UTAH TAX COMMISSION sent the Wasatch County Fire District a letter stating they did not follow proper procedure, the Fire District finally admited that they did not follow proper procedure in Nov 2012, when they first started the tax increase process for the 2013 budget. They must start the whole process over. 

The Wasatch Taxpayers Association sent a follow up letter to the Wasatch Fire Board to try and work together to resolve the county’s fire budget issues. The fire board never answered all the questions asked by the public in August. We wanted answers before the next truth and taxation public meeting for the 2014 fire budget in December 2013.

Here’s our letter to the fire board and Chairman Capson’s response to our request:   

WCFB-meeting request letter 11-21-13             Capson’s response WCFD-10-23-13

***Watch the video of Fire Board Chair Steve Capson’s explanation-  Wasatch Taxpayers YouTube page  The board passed the resolution 13-15 adopting the state certified tax rate of .000244.  Mr. Capson discussed working with Chief Ernie Giles on the Fire District budget for 2014.   They will let the budget dictate how much of a tax increase to move forward with in 2014.  The Truth in Taxation hearing to begin again in December 2013.

***Here’s the letter sent by the Utah Tax Commission on Sept. 24, 2013 to the Wasatch County explaining their flawed tax increase process-  Utah Tax Com Letter to Wasatch.

And the subsequent letter to the petition sponsors.Clerk’s office- petition invalid-10-11-13


10-3-13- The citizens turned in 2156+ signatures for the referendum petition to the county!! This stops the tax increase and to put it on the Nov. 2014 ballot for the voters to decide! They needed 1458 signatures in 45 days from Aug 21st, when the council voted.

THIS IS WHAT THE REFERENDUM PETITION SAYS: We, the undersigned citizens of Utah, respectfully order that Resolution No.13-10, entitled Resolution 2013-10 Adopting Final Tax Rates and Budgets passed by the Wasatch County Fire Protection Special Service District Governing Board be referred to the voters for their approval or rejection at the regular general election to be held on November 2014.

See the County Fire calls for 2012-WCFD-analysis of 2012 calls  (right click on doc to rotate)


-Wasatch Fire District Aug. 7th truth in taxation meeting for 78.6% tax increase recordings:                   Fire Chief’s Presentation-  Wasatch Taxpayers YouTube page

Citizen’s public input-   Wasatch Taxpayers YouTube page

-The Wasatch Fire District asked citizens to return to the Aug 21st meeting to get all their questions answered. None were answered, and the Board unanimously passed the 78.6% tax increase.

For more Fire District info go to this page:   Jordanelle 


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