Special Service District (SSD)

john oliverJohn Oliver explains Special Service Districts here, which is not easy.  SSD’s are generally not very transparent, and it’s hard to follow the money.

Go to this Wasatch County website and hover over the COMMUNITY TAB at the top, to see all special service districts. All 29 of these are active districts, there may be 4 or 5 more that are not active?

Here is a list of SSD’s in Wasatch County per code:   Wasatch Co Code – Title Six SSDs                 

*** 6-2017 New Legislative Audit on Utah special service districts. LE Audit- Internal Controls of Limited Purpose Entities- 6-2017  Utah Audit Chairs sign letter to all special service districts to send to all SSD’s – LE Audit Letter-Checklist on Internal Controls.


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