Swiss Village 4-11-17 INTERLOCAL meeting of gov’ts, Wasatch County, Heber, Daniel, Charleston and Midway Cities, gathered in Midway, at their bi-annual meeting, to catch up on issues. Midway City has been pursuing a development proposal near Memorial Hill for over a year, even though the coalition states that the final location was just determined this past March. It would have huge implications since the density and height restrictions would be loosened and traffic would be increased throughout the valley, not just Midway.  So far, it’s been no cost to the public entities to create the plan of the “village”, but on Tuesday, April 18th, at 6:30 at the new Heber City Police Station on 300 south Main Street, there will be a CLOSED meeting for the different councils to meet the 3 architects and hear their plans, and what they feel it would cost. Videos 1, 4 & 5 (see notes below videos)  discuss the development plan, and the other public entities weigh in on whether to support moving forward with the architectural designs.                       Watch the discussions here: Wasatch Taxpayers YouTube page.

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Midway Zoning and Annexation map   MidwayZoning Map

 Midway Annexation Code  Midway-Title 9 Annexation

 Midway Code  http://midwaycityut.org/codes_ordinances.htm

 Midway General Plan    Midway_General_Plan_01-13-2012



PUBLIC HEARING ON ZONE CHANGE TO ALLOW INDUSTRIAL SIZED AGRICULTURAL GREENHOUSES  IN CITY LIMITS!  Wednesday Midway City Council meeting agenda: 2013-03-13_Council_Agenda . Also,  ProposedCommercial_Greenhouse_Code_Text_Amendment Citizens must show up to voice their opinions!

October 2012- MIDWAY MAYOR PURSUING ZONE CHANGE (in 60 days!)  to expand land use in Midway city limits.

At  the Midway City Council meeting Wednesday night (10/10/12)  Mayor Tatton make a fairly lengthy statement as to why it was important to the “citizens of Midway” that this proposed change in the definition of agriculture be pursued. (See below city code change link for details.) She also suggested citizens attend the Planning Commission meeting in November and the City Council meeting in December to participate in the process.

City Councilman Ashton’s letter submitted during meeting-10-10-12

Midway City Code Change 10-10-12        See the affected areas- Midway City Land Use Map

There is a fine line, if any, between the impacts of industrial uses and the impacts of aquaponics, etc. Midway’s General Plan, in many many places, talks about the desire to maintain the open spaces and agricultural and Swiss European feel.  The General Plan also talks about the kind of new businesses they want that retain Midway’s vision which includes maintaining the Swiss heritage and farming type community and feel so that new businesses enhance and complement the unique resort and recreation economy.

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This farm proposal is located between 300 N- 600 N, west of River Road.

Remund Property Proposal- planning dept Jagati application

Midway Planning Dept.- Jagati organic farm site plan

Chapter 16.2 definitions 1. Agriculture “The growing of soil crops in the customary manner in the open. It shall not include livestock-raising acitivities nor shall it include retailing of products on the premises.
The operative part is “customary manner in the open” not in 435,000 sf of greenhouse.

(copy and paste in your browser) http://www.midwaycityut.org/2009_ordinance_changes/Title_16_Land_Use_20120418.pdf

The above link takes you to the Midway Land use section of the Municipal Code
It talks about many of the issues people tried to bring up at the meeting on July 11 it
does reference environmental impact studies, sensitive lands and wetlands.

Midway City Councilman, Steve Ashton’s public presentation 8-8-12

Midway Newsletter explaining water system   Midway Newsletter Feb-Mar 2013