Fiscal Analysts

TAXES- This committee will review current tax structure and well as proposed new taxes, looking for correctness, economy and need. This committee will also, after reviewing the taxes, current and new,  issue a report for use by the Association first and then by government and taxpayers.

BONDS- This committee will find it necessary that they understand bonding by government. The relationship between bonding companies and governmental units, along with interest rates. It is necessary this committee will be experts on all issues associated with bonds and bond writing.

AUDITS-BUDGETS – This committee will be responsible in conducting audits of information, such as budgets that are presented to the public for public hearings. They will also review budgets as they are submitted by governing agencies. Due to the nature of the work, this committee will be one of the largest. It will require those with some form of audit experience, be part of this committee to assist in directing the committee towards a purposeful conclusion.

REVENUES AND FEES- This committee will examine all sources of revenues and be aware of the fees, their structure and the economic cost and or benefit.


Each of these committee’s have their own section within WTPA, please see their section for more info.

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