2016- Wasatch County, Utah

** Since the Wasatch School District denied our GRAMA request for info on the superintendent hiring process, by saying it was private information, we had to appeal that decision to the State Records Committee. The #1 GRAMA attorney in the state also decided to help us pro-bono since he felt we had a very strong case. The State Records Committee agreed with us, and ordered WSD to release most of our request. They remarked that WSD had a “colossal transparency failure”.  See all the supt. candidates’ applications and other info the school district did not think the public had a right to see, and the process we had to go through to fight for this information, at this link: WTPA -Wasatch School District page.

2015- Wasatch County, Utah

** Investigated, compiled, printed, and distributed a public information flyer for the $62 million school bond election to provide much more detailed information so the public could make a more informed decision.  Some of our conclusions in the flyer have already happened, only 6 months later.

** Requested documents from many Wasatch County public entities via GRAMA requests and posted them on our website for the public to review.

** Appealed to the State Archives Committee a denial of fee waiver ($1500) for GRAMA email request to the Wasatch School District. The appeal was not granted, but the process informed state officials that the Wasatch School District was not following state code  as to the Open and Public meeting requirements for transparency (posting recordings and minutes to the public meeting notice webiste for the public).  This caused us to GRAMA school board’s emails to gather information not shared with the public in the mandatory public documents.

**Wasatch School District did hire a social media director to answer our (and many other citizen’s) questions on Facebook. We are striving to get our public entities to communicate and share info with the public.

** Added more of our public entity’s meeting videos to our YouTube page- now over 285 videos!

** Communicate more with citizens on social media, reaching thousands of taxpayers.

** Attended most of our public entity’s meetings and communicated information to our membership and community as a whole.

2014- Wasatch County, Utah 

** November’s proposed $24 million Aquatics Center Bond was promoted by Wasatch County Parks & Rec Dept and advertised questionable fiscal impacts to the public. WTPA conducted countless hours of research for a year and a half on state and national pools. Our findings contradicted the county’s numbers , which changed 4 times. WTPA also waged a vigorous door to door campaign to share our research with Wasatch County residents, and developed a special website just for aquatics center information. After the public learned about our research, the aquatics center was voted down by the public, even though there was an expensive, rigorous advertising campaign waged FOR the pool.

** Heber Airport Board- WTPA did a presentation for the Heber City Council in April in which we cited some of our concerns of conflicts of interest and bylaw violations in hopes of promoting better management and cost effective policies.

** Jordanelle Special Service District has been on our radar for years, and some WTPA members have been vital to keeping us informed on all issues concerning this area. Most recently, on a front page cover story in the Sunday Salt Lake Tribune, and the latest lawsuit filed against JSSD and Wasatch County Council.

** WTPA had to notify certain public entities about the open meetings act, and complying with the public meeting notice requirements.

2013- Wasatch County, Utah 

** July’s Attorney General’s letter on findings on the Heber Light & Power’s violations concerning board pay in lieu of insurance benefit.

** Sept- Oct- Successful referendum petition against the Wasatch Fire Board’s 76% tax increase. It was supposed to go on the November 2014 ballot for voters to decide, but the Utah Tax Commission informed Wasatch Co that they did not do a proper tax increase. So our petition was voided just like their tax increase.

** Worked with the Wasatch School District and the Utah State GRAMA ombudsman to have the WSD release the  full 2014 budget to us to share with the public.

2012- Wasatch County, Utah 

 ** Established the foundation and infrastructure of the Wasatch Taxpayers Association.

** Set up our founding board for 6 months to get a productive association started.

**Completed the Bylaws to govern the WTPA.

**Developed a professional website that is the distribution site for information about taxes and government in Wasatch County.

** Became well known to City, County and Special Service Districts, promoting transparency and good government.

** We were able to encourage several entities to upload their board packets to the web (Heber City, Wasatch School District)

** Encouraged Wasatch School District to correct their accounting procedures in an attempt to comply with state law.

** Wasatch Fire District (Wasatch Co. Council) terminated their board pay this year. More county and city boards should follow their lead.

** GRAMA Requested local documents and shared them on this website for the public good.

** Communicated to our membership with monthly meetings and news emails.

**  Many taxpayers have donated to support our efforts to continue our work…

** Networked the citizens, groups, and taxpayers of Wasatch County to become better informed and work together to solve the generational issues that affect Wasatch County.

We are looking forward to a productive 2016! Please join our efforts today!

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